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WHY CHOOSE C.A.R.E. Consultants

Instructors are accredited and qualified under the Australian Qualifications Framework to delivery training to Private, Government and Community agencies.  Instructors specialise in control and restraint training for staff working health care environments and have extensive national and international experience in providning control and restraint training.

Instructors hold qualifications in Health Care, Ju Jitsu, Self Defence and Control and Restraint training.

C.A.R.E. Consultants unique training system can build and instill confidence and awareness in staff. The outward projection of this elevated state of confidence and awareness is enough in many instances to prevent and de-escalate potential aggressive situations.

The training system is structured with carefully designed modules that interlock to provide a total training system from de-escalation through to control and restraint techniques to manage aggressive and challenging behaviours.

The success of the training comes from the teaching of a limited number of easy to learn, easy to retain, extremely effective techniques to suit a large number of situations.


'The course was extremely well presented and the Instructors very approachable. Their knowledge of the subject they taught was first rate.'

'The Instructors were very professional and friendly, I would highly recommned this course'

'I have done similar courses but nothing like this, it's the best by far, practical, safe and realistic.'

'Great hands on learning experience.'

'Extremely relevant and practical.'

'The training was very relevant to my work place.'

'Great course, Instructors were fantastic and helpful.'






C.A.R.E. Consultants are dedicated to excellence and will provide comprehensive and professional training in the prevention and management of aggressive and challenging behaviours that reflects evidenced based practice.


  • Provide a quality training service to the Health Care Services
  • Contibute to staff porviding a high standard of Client care
  • Contibute to a safe working environment for staff and Clients
  • Research
  • Education


  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Dignity
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity